Blackhawk at Ambridge 1985

Relive the hard fought 1985 game between Blackhawk and Ambridge. This vintage video, originally broadcast on television comes complete with a professional announcer, replays and graphics.

The Cougars head coach Joe Hamilton played without the services of star quarterback Jim Peel and running back Sam Stanchak, these two key players were replaced by quarterback Dave Weitz and running back Brian Rodenbeck. Other standout players included Jay Campbell, Steve Borello, Paul Orosz, Jim Keller, Greg Fusetti, Dave Mazzei, Mike Smakoz, Rod Thompson, Frank Namath, Brad Cossin and Blake Haggerty.

The undefeated Bridgers of head coach Frank Antonini countered with quarterback Harold Galupi, running backs Joel Delai and Kelvin Fisher, wide receiver Eric Palshaw and defensive standout Troy Ridgley.

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